UIUC Multiple Roof Replacements

About The Project

Work is being performed on four campus buildings including:

  • Computing Applications Building - 6,751 SF
  • Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory - 28,000 SF
  • Nuclear Physics Laboratory - 13,754 SF
  • Superconductivity Center - 7,706 SF

The scope of work includes the removal of the existing roofing systems and install new fully adhered Polyvinyl-Chloride (PVC) roofing system on new insulation and the replacement of existing sheet metal flashings and coping.

Masonry work included extending the height of existing masonry parapets.

Electrical work includes modification to existing lightning protection systems.

Mechanical work includes the replacement of existing exhaust fans on the various buildings.


Anticipated Completion:

August 2021

Key features:

Renovation to Existing Facility
Mechanical System Modifications
Roof Replacement on Multiple Buildings