North Park University

About The Project

CCC was the Design-Builder teaming with Lamar Johnson Collaborative (LJC), working with the North Park University on creating a new design standard for their student housing portfolio.

Two university-owned, student housing units received new kitchens, bathrooms, larger closets, MEP upgrades, security upgrades, and new finishes (interior doors, flooring, trim and paint upgrades).

Bathrooms have a new terrazzo shower base with glass shower doors and new frosted glass block windows.

Mechanical upgrades include: refinished radiators; new bathroom exhaust fans to meet energy codes and ventilation requirements; and new gas lines for upgraded appliances.

Plumbing upgrades include: drain, waste, and vent lines replacement to PVC from cast iron with a waiver from the City of Chicago; and replacement of incoming water lines; new fixtures.

Electrical upgrades include: upgrades for code compliance and safety; kitchen appliances to a dedicated circuit with two dedicated breakers to the overall kitchen; upgraded lighting.

CCC also coordinated masonry restoration work (hired under a different contractor) to perform work on the facade and at the parapet of the buildings.



August 2021

Key features:

Full Residential Renovation
Kitchen Upgrades
Bathroom Upgrades
MEP Upgrades
Masonry Restoration