Ford Calumet Environmental Center

About The Project

Thanks to a generous donation by Chicago’s Environmental Fund and extensive research detailing the positive impact of this project, the Ford Calumet Environmental Center will serve as a multi-functional environmental center as well as Big Marsh’s base of operations. After a strategic 9-year design partially funded by the Ford Motor Company, the center will educate the community about nature, eco-recreation, and industrial history in Calumet.

The design includes two large multi-purpose community rooms, educational exhibit displays, concession space, office support, and public restrooms. As a reflection of the center’s purpose, the facility has a bird-safe design and will use locally sourced and reclaimed materials to the greatest extent. For example, our team will utilize a construction wastewater wetland (CWWW) instead of the city sewer for wastewater disposal onsite. The project is tracking LEED Silver.



Spring 2020

Unique features:

LEED Silver
CWWW for wastewater disposal
Custom hydraulic doors
Exterior paneling
Interior structure, glulam/NLT panel system