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CPS – Henry Clay & Jane Addams Elementary Schools

About The Projects

CCC Holdings Inc. (CCC) was contracted by the Chicago Public School System (CPS) for the restoration and exterior renovation to two of its schools.

Henry Clay Elementary School includes a 34,400 SF replacement of roof, while Jane Addams Elementary School includes a 17,980 SF replacement of roof. Both schools saw masonry facade repairs, tuck-point and brick replacement. Work on the interior of the buildings includes demolition and abatement, upgrades to plumbing, HVAC, electrical, site fencing and landscaping repairs, flooring repairs, and plaster and paint repairs.

The Addams and Clay is relevant project to the Powell Courthouse exterior envelope because of the multistory brick facade restoration and tuck-point and a new energy code-compliant roof. Addams and Clay required extensive coordination between the masonry and the roofer to raise the parapet to allow for a new roof system.



September 2020

Unique features:

Historic buildings
Facade restoration
Roof replacement